Saturday, June 25, 2011


Warm white rays
Descend from the sky
Flickers of gold light
Sparkle like fireflies

Love and warmth
Overcomes all pain
Relieving him of
His emotional strain

The Angels are calling
They're singing his name
Enticing their son
To come home again

Glancing back
As he ascends
There's no regrets
He's free from sin

Though we are very sad
That you had to go
Knowing you're suffering is over
Cleanses our souls

For someday
We shall meet again
At the gates to heaven
As our souls ascend

by Phillip Michael

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sprinkle of rain

In the night

I’m not letting you go


The tighter I squeeze

The stronger the heat

Of the energy flowing

Deep inside of me


Before I let go

I want you to know

That I’ll cherish our hugs

Wherever I go

by Phillip Michael

There You Go

You just left

And all I see

Is your tail lights

Going away from me

As they are glimmering through the rain

I must have been insane

For letting you slip

Through my reins

Fully knowing

It was chance of a lifetime


It may never happen again

by Phillip Michael

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Horror

Tired beyond belief
Troubled with unforgiving grief


I can’t feel myself breathe
What is coming over me


Rain on the roof
And the ever so constant ringing in my ears


Sometimes I think
I'm ready to throw away all those years


As my demons thrive inside of my core
I'm not sure whether I can take it anymore

My Horror

by Phillip Michael

Less Sad

As I think of you
On this sorrowful night
I hope your ok
And haven’t lost sight

Of the fact that
Your brother is safe
Free from life and emotional disgrace

It’s so hard
to be left behind
But we all know that someday
It’ll be our time

Then you’ll be standing at the pearly gates
Free from sin
And this stupid place

We wish loved ones could stay forever
But, let’s face it
God really wasn’t… that fuckin clever

So if I could offer some insight
Having just lost my dad

Be happy for David
And a lot less sad

by Phillip Michael


Crushing pressure Crackling bones
Air seepage
Sharp pains
Overwhelming sensations
Thoughts of despair
There I am now
Way down there

Doesn’t someone care?

The light
So bright
No worries or cares
Golden sparkles everywhere
Most satisfying warmth
And inner peace
They’ve all come down to rescue me

Is this eternity?

by Phillip Michael

Friday, June 10, 2011

Inner Proclamation

Anxious and prolific
I wish I felt terrific

My thoughts are churning
Inner core is burning

Lightheaded and feeling squirrelly
Can you sense my furry

The heavy breathing
Legs shaking

I sometimes wonder
If I’m faking

I always want
What I can never have
Deep inside I’m so fuckin sad

Sittin around just getting fat
I have no self control and that’s a fact

So much to live for
Yet so little time
Keeps me safe from doing the crime


Is it worth the weight (wait)
Of never being able to face my fate

I guess I shouldn’t pontificate

By Phillip Michael 06/2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Next Time You Look In The Mirror

You’ve been wronged, you’ve been hurt
You’ve been lied to, you’ve been irked

I’ve been through it too, I’ve been through the same
I’ve been broken, gotten caught up in this stupid game

I don’t want to push, but I know I want you
You think you know, but you don’t have a clue

I know how bad it was, finally getting over the pain
I know we both like things that others don’t, like the sound of falling rain

I wish I could remove the paranoia and all of the doubt
I wish I could throw it away, tell it to “get the hell out”

You’re afraid to open your heart because someone once sank it
I’ll be your protector, your shield and your warm blanket

You don’t believe me, you want to hear proof
My life has been filled with hurt too, and that’s the truth

You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you hear it all the time
But your wall of feelings is what counts, and I would like to make the climb

My hand against your skin, that’s gotta feel real good
I’d travel miles just to put my arms around you right now, if I could

You needed someone to treat you like a Queen and he didn’t
If he saw what I see, he’d be kicking himself right this second

For some reason, I think of you when I awake until the moment right before I lay
I guess it’s safe to say you’re on my mind for the entire day

But you don’t feel the same and for this I am regretful
I have no choice but to fall back and try to be forgetful

But I can’t not remember, still knowing what I can give you
You might never realize this, but I for one hope that you do

They say girls are like buses, they run all the time
But you’re like a brand new Mercedes-Benz that I want to make all mine

Its been hard convincing you of how special you can be
Next time you look in the mirror, hopefully you’ll see what I see

by ML Kasper Kain

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Me vs. Marriage

“…and the prince came to rescue the girl and they lived happily ever after.”

Ah yes, the fairy tale. Those lovable stories we all read as children about being rescued and living life happily ever after. Fairy tales, the main source of fantasy that makes us want to find that ‘perfect’ someone (more on that in another article) and live out the rest of our days holding each others’ hands and all that other crap. So we set out and hope to find that one person to someday call husband or wife. Now let’s ask this question, do you remember the days when marriage was about basking in the love two people shared with one another? I don’t either, because nowadays the whole ‘institution’ of marriage has become something of a joke. Between those who treat it as such and those who have their own agenda as to why they get married in the first place, the notion of having to be married to someone has become a bit silly in my eyes. Lives have been crippled by messy divorces and victims of spousal infidelity and loveless jail-cell like homes have driven people to do unspeakable things. So why is there such a need for people to take this big of a chance? What are they trying to prove and who exactly are they trying to prove it to?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Falling From Life


Pastel haze

Blowing hair
No cares

Slight spin
Free of sin

He’s coming for me
Now I’m free

Free from


Falling from Life

by Phillip Michael

Summer Morn

Crisp cucumber
Poland laden sunflowers glistening
Ripening green stems as the dew emits from ice plants and other succulents
Peaceful breezes sway the blades of grass
Gently creating soft ruffling sounds
As the sunshine warms the day
Another day of peace
And new life

by Phillip Michael

Saturday, June 4, 2011

C'est La Vie

She’s bed bound, gazing into his eyes
His hands slowly creep up her thighs

Things got steamy when he pulls the cover over his head
This moment so romantic, rose pedals all over the bed

Top drawer, pull out the rubber
Because she’s too young to be some baby’s mother

There are other dangerous things to put into consideration
Like having an STD affiliation

She fell in love instantly or maybe it was lust
But little does she know, he already left her in the dust

Seven missed calls and a thousand texts later
She finally figured out that he doesn’t want to date her

Sad, angry, miserable, hurt, oh, the pain
Tears flowing just like the rain

Suicidal thoughts are racing
Back and forth, she is pacing
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