Monday, September 27, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 13

Without hesitation, I dropped my sandwich meat, gently cupped her face with my hands and pulled her towards me. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who it was that was waiting for me to get home. Our lips interlocked with such fierceness that our teeth clicked together at first. But we didn’t care and paid no attention to this as we continued our embrace. It felt as though I moved her entire body by holding her head. Judging from the way she was kissing me back, I knew that either I had not hurt her or she was ignoring any pain she might be feeling. I released her face and completely wrapped my arms around her waist engulfing her in everything me. Our heads alternated twisting back and forth as our lips connected over and over again. Finally, after one last slow kiss, we pulled away from each other and just looked into the other’s eyes.

“Hi,” she giggled. “Miss me?”

“No, not at all, this is how I greet all of my unexpected guests,” I answered.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 12

I could still taste Shea’s lips when I woke up the next morning.  Her scent, the feel of her body against mine, the texture of her skin was still so very vivid in my mind.  I woke up clutching my pillow believing it to be her but instantly became sad when I realized it wasn’t.  I staggered into the bathroom to shower and prepare for the day that was to be work.  After a whirlwind of a weekend, returning to work might present a nice change of scenery.  Something to help prevent my mind from constantly asking those same questions that I was unable to shake off the night before.  As I ate my breakfast made of toasted waffles and orange juice, I began to wonder yet again what yesterday meant.  Did it actually mean anything at all?  I mean it had to. 
            If not anything else it had to be one step closer to an imminent relationship between the two of us.  Not just our evening of premature ending passion but everything that she told me.  That I was in the forefront for a relationship for her.  Although it does sound good, it’s not like she had anyone else that was knocking down her door trying to be with her other than the ex-boyfriend.  But he’s someone that she isn’t even interested in.  She also said that after they unexpectedly kissed I was the first person she thought to call.  I was on her mind the entire night and day and she was the one who invited me over.  Honestly, I don’t have any real competition other than her own feelings.

Friday, September 17, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 11

I was instantly reminded of how soft and delicate feeling her lips were.  Smooth and slick were her kisses.  Aggressive as though she was attempting to curb an appetite for my mouth but passionate and meaningful all rolled up together.  I, at first, firmly grabbed her hips and pulled her even closer to me as leaned back on the couch.  She ran her hands all over my head and through my hair.  By now I was completely laying on my back with her on top of me.  We were two parallel lines of intense desire at that point.

I felt my arms holding her tighter and tighter.  Seemed as if they had a mind of their own and wasn’t waiting for my brain to react.  I ran my hands all over her body feeling every curve and corner of it.  My exploration of her body led me to a certain part which I was very fond of in females.  My hands found their way to the very edge of the lower portion of her back and hesitated for a moment.  Even they, operating under their own accord, knew that this might be a touchy area to further their research of her landscape. 
The way that we were kissing and the heat of the moment made the decision for them and they continued on their way.  Slowly smoothing my hands over her butt, I gave a good grab and felt the wonderfulness that it had to offer.  It wasn’t very big, no, but it was shaped to utter perfection.  The already emptying pitcher of arousal that was pouring into my body at that point got a refill and overfilled my glass.  I grasped her even tighter and from the slight moan that she gave, it was a sure bet that the she liked it. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 10

I awoke the next morning very tired and still very uneasy. Tired due to a restless night of tossing and turning. Tossing and turning due to my uneasiness. Uneasiness due to my failed attempts to stop thinking about what happened the day before. Thinking about the day before due to…well you get the point. The weather outside my window reflected my mood perfectly. There was a hurricane warning in effect for all of today but it was expected to decrease into a just a mild rainstorm. Mother Nature must be keeping track of my emotions. She knew exactly the stage to display for this, the day after...

Most people probably wouldn’t consider this a rainy day affair, but I am not most people. I also, unlike most people, love the rain. I find it calming, soothing and a great backdrop to cuddle up with your girl and just hang out or do some other things, if you know what I mean, together. Still sleepy, kind of groggy and with a mind of thoughts that resembled a cluttered closet, I realized that I had fell asleep on the couch last night and the television had been watching me the entire time. I trenched over to the bathroom to wash my face and do my morning routine before crossing over to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 9

Those words said separately in any other scenario wouldn’t have carried all that much weight. Together they created a weapon formed of hurtful syllables. Even though I was quite used to riding my rollercoaster life of emotional ups and downs, I wasn’t prepared to protect myself against a statement such as that at this very moment.

Although I tried my best to conceal my disappointment and obvious hurt, I couldn’t control the speed at which my lungs were consuming and spitting out air. If we were speaking over the phone, it might have sounded as if I was hyperventilating to her. The perspiration pouring out of my head was no longer from the basketball game. It was like every bad moment from the last time all came rushing back at the exact same moment. It was nearly unbearable. Yes, unbearable, but I forced myself to at least seem as if I was remaining calm. I had to. I couldn’t let Shea know that this was affecting me in such a drastic way. It not only screamed out “over-reactor” but probably “weirdo” as well. I might as well write “Don’t Date Me” in bold black letters across my forehead.
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