Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Another Chance" Cafe...Chapter 20

It literally rang for less than three seconds before the sound ceased, someone answered and their voice was streaming through the phone and into my ear.  They almost sounded frantic.  There was a certain urgency in their voice.  No doubt they had quickly picked up the call with a decent sense of rush.

“Hello!” Shea emphatically said into the phone.

“Uh, hey.  What’s up?” I responded.

“Oh, well nothing much.  Just went food shopping, so making some dinner,” she answered.  “Well duh, you know I went grocery shopping, you helped me pick them up off of the ground”.

“Yeah, I did, didn’t I?” I replied.

“So, what do I owe the unexpected pleasure of this phone call?” she asked.  She spoke as if she was trying to remain calm.  Attempting to treat this conversation like any other we have had in the past.  I was sure she didn’t want to go off on a tangent and risk me hanging up again.  I couldn’t blame her; I did have a history of hanging up on females lately.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

“Another Chance” Café…chapter 19

I turned the keys in the door and unlocked it.  I pushed it open and stepped into my living room.  Despite the shining sun outside, it was still dark in there.  The closed window shades prevented the light from entering my apartment.  I tossed my keys onto the coffee table and went into the bathroom.  I peered into the mirror above the sink and stared at my reflection.  The face that returned the same stare wasn’t smiling.  It didn’t blink for a good 10 seconds or so either.  It wasn’t happy, it wasn’t angry, it wasn’t really anything.  It didn’t know how to feel exactly at the moment.  The best word to describe the aura that my reflection was in was probably “confused”.

            Yeah, confused would pretty much sum it up and I felt exactly the same that it did.  It was the next morning and yes, I was just getting home.  I began to wash my face before I realized that I needed more than just that.  I jumped in the shower and just stood there for a minute letting the warm water pour down over me.  I grabbed the bottle of body wash, lathered up and began to scrub away.  I didn’t know if I was trying to wash away the events of last night or not but by the way I was showering, you’d think I was attempting to wash away the thought of them as well.

            I found some breakfast or more like lunch after my shower and just sat on my couch while I ate.  It took a little while before I took my first bite.  I was finding it very difficult to focus on anything.  My eyes fell upon my couch and I rested a hand upon it.  My brain moved from the thoughts that it was preoccupied with to the memories of Shea & I lying on this very couch together.  I thought for a second that I could feel her upon the cushion that I had my hand on. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

You can Call, it's Ok

          This time around I would like to talk about another subject regarding females.  Well I suppose not just females only but about a certain level of interaction between the two genders, well the two main genders anyway, of our society.  Say you meet a person and the two of you connect on some sort of level.  You go through the usual motions of talking, speaking on the phone, texting and what not.  Basically just getting to know each other.  Finally, one of you decides that this person that you have just allowed into your life is worth going on a date with. 

            So you ask them out.  Wherever this first date might be is up to you of course.  You guys go out, you interact, you eat, drink and interact some more.  The date seems to be going well, laughs are exchanged, disagreements are at a minimum and you generally enjoy your time with this person.  It would seem that they have enjoyed their time with you as well and you know this because you hear it right from them.  You don’t have keep guessing and assuming whether or not you have made a good impression based solely on whatever body signals they may or may not have thrown your way.  The fact that they have had fun with you came right the horse’s mouth…that is to say, your date’s mouth. 
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