Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's Wrong with a Booty Call/1-Night Stand?

So is it wrong to expect a hot night of sex when it's freezing outside?  Especially when it's late and you receive a random text message asking you what you're doing.  I suppose the answer to this question depends on the person.  Maybe it depends on the gender of the person asking.  Perhaps it simply comes down to what the rules of late night rendezvous’ and our society says. 

Imagine if you're spending a quiet evening at home, just hanging out by yourself.  Suddenly your phone plays the tune of your favorite song at the time (no doubt it probably change by the end of the week) and it's that person.  You know. That person. Either you have only really spoken to them through text, hung out occasionally or only hear from them when they’re in need of some.  Or vice versa.

"Curious" as to what ever they just might want at this time of night, you answer the phone or respond to their message.  They ask what you're up to.  You reply "nothing".  They say something like "yeah, me too".  Then they ask you what you're doing later.  Well geez, I don't know, considering what time it is, I'm sure I'll still be doing nothing.  That is unless, I happen to look out of my window and see a spotlight shining into the dark sky.  Then I'll have an impromptu date with the police Commissioner.

You respond again with "nothing".  What might or might not follow is a game of silence.  Whoever cracks this period of quiet first is the loser of this game.  For you fortunate bunch which this is a usual thing, there really is no silence.  Only phone contact, knock at the door, then bed or couch or wherever gets filled with sex; period.  Others might give in to the silence game and ask that person if they want to come over.  Wow, by a stroke of luck they actually said yes.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movie Survey

Go take this survey and peruse around the website, Price Minister.  Seems based in the UK, so for all of you who are located on that side of the world, have fun.  Everyone else, have fun too.  Plus by letting them know where you linked to their survey from might help your favorite movie Blogger out; Me.  Have a nice day and enjoy your New Year.  I will be probably be asleep due to being scheduled to work New Year's morning at 5:30 in the morning.  Fun times.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"HBL" Post Production Interview

Here's one of the post-production interview videos hosted by none other than yours truly.  Big stars are so difficult to work with.  I felt especially threatened by Mr. Ali-Baba but I maintained my professionalism. 

("HBL" is a You Tube motion picture written, directed, filmed & produced by St. Elmo, master filmmaker, check out his You tube channel link in my favorite links on the side)


Thursday, December 16, 2010


I emerged from the tunnel connecting the locker room and the court with the rest of my teammates.  Coach had instructed us not to pay too much attention to the hype and steady flow of embellished rumors regarding this game but it was rather difficult.  It was our home opener and our very first opponent was arguably the best assembled squad in the league.  They made some serious off-season moves which put them in considerable favor to win it all this year.  But their road to possible stardom began with us.

            As we made our way past the bench and onto the court for our pre-game warm up, I couldn’t prevent myself from embracing the atmosphere.  The place was packed, the lights were bright and the noise was loud.  Thousands of chanting fans were already screaming the names of players on our team and the game hadn’t even begun yet.  A pulsating sea of navy blue and red seemed to cause the building to feel like it was moving.

            I tried to find Audrey within the wave of people but I didn’t see her.  Guests of the team usually sat behind the bench but as only a second year player, I had to pay my dues before earning such a privilege.  I continued to look over at her section but still couldn’t see her.  I hope she was able to make it on time.  I could imagine traffic being a nightmare for this game.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Twilight Question

I have a question.  Yes I have asked many questions before and I feel that they are all of a shared importance simply becuase I have asked them and my curiousity is the only thing that matters in the world.  Well at least in my world.  Anyways my question is quite simple.  Its simplicty is simple.  Yet I am still without an answer.  I am hoping some of you awfully intelligent and very endearing readers will consider answering it for me.  It has to do with the gi-normous book & film franchise that the tweens and even some adults call Twilight.  It has gained about a ka-jillion fans and probably even more money and is still not finished with its plan at world domination. 

Yes I have posted about this mega-series before asking whether or not those of you who care think I should actually read the books.  As it turned out, not many of you did care but that's quite alright.  I understand your non-concern for my indecisiveness about what I read.  This time around I have a slightly different question.  I could answer it myself by actually reading the books but I really don't feel like it.  Well I mean I haven't had time.  So if you feel the need or even if you don't, I ask that you spare me that effort and answer my question.  For those of you who have actually read the books:

"Does it state anywhere in the novels that the Quileute wolves must walk around constantly shirtless?"

I ask because I am legitimately curious.  Not because I am trying to be funny or bitter about male half-nudity.  I understand that it draws in tons of female fans around the world which count for a large portion of the franchises revenue but in terms of the standard novel-to-film adaptation, I would really like to know.  Usually, well hopefully, films do a pretty decent job of working off of the novel that they take from.  Harry Potter has done a pretty good job.  All of those books I have read in their entirety.  The comparison between the books and film are not too far off.  So there you have it, my epic question.  Sorry I drew this out so long but I wanted to make sure that I was understood in my plight.  Now, if you would be so kind...ANSWER!!!


Monday, December 6, 2010

"If Christ Cracked the Sky" - David

Here's the lateset track from a friend of mine:

Freaky Like my Lady Pyramid!

My new Favorite Commercial:

D. Rose & Slim Chin:

Here's to a great NBA Season, hopefully this time with a different result.  That would be niiice, really niiice!

Let's go Knicks!!!

The Summer of Lebron

The summer season has always proven to be the highest grossing period for movies out of the entire year. The primetime, the main event, the go-to era. Those certain number of months ranging between around May and the end of August are the money makers for box offices around the world. For whatever reason, when the weather gets warm, or more realistically a scorching boil, patrons seem to flock to the comfortable air conditioned environment of the inside of a movie theater to catch their most anticipated blockbuster. Although I've gotten into the habit of bringing a sweat shirt with me because that "comfortable air conditioning" can begin to feel like January especially during a two hour film with a large ice cold Sprite. Plus that type of heads up consideration really impresses the ladies. But on to the topic at hand. This summer's most anticipated blockbuster is not on the big screen this year. It has all the specifics you would want in a big budget film as well, in fact, it probably takes the cake, and ice cream, money wise. Suspense, drama, laughs, excitement, thrills and maybe even some horror at the end for some people. This mega event, however, appeals to sports fans especially basketball fans. Especially NBA basketball fans. Yes, my friends I am speaking of the 2010 NBA Free Agency epic that has the entire world entrenched.

Greatest and Worst Performances from the 2010 NBA Finals

Turning away from the world of film for an evening, I had to settle in and watch the last game of the season from my favorite sport.  Having followed almost every game this post season, my initial choice for this year's champ were the Orlando Magic.  Three reasons for this:

  1. I have a severe loathing for a certain team who I won't respect enough to call the group by name but whom I will only refer to as the band of henchman in purple and gold.  

2. Althoug I am conditioned to dislike the sports world of Boston from growing up a Yankee fan in New York City, I like and resepct Kevin Garnett and through his consistent spectacular play in the playoffs, I have come to feel the same way about Rajon Rondo and wanted to see their team win another championship.  But along with the rest of America I didn't think they would reach as far as they did.

3.  The ever great Patrick Ewing is the assistant coach and mentor for the rising superstar that is Dwight Howard and I am still yearning for the day that he acheives that elusive championship ring that he never got a chance to wear during his days with my beloved New York Knicks.

The Voice and The Boss

For the most part sports are sports, we cheer, we scream, we root for our favorite team or player. Sometimes we boo, we heckle, we shout obscenities, we throw things and we are heartbroken over a loss. But sometimes a loss in the sports world means something much more than just one less win. Sometimes it's losing a person and it can feel as if you have lost a family member or a good friend.

Lovers of Poetry, take a trip over to Never Land!

Although still quite "wet behind the ears" when it comes to this writing thing, I have developed an opinion about it.  At first, I hated it, couldn't stand it.  I was very good at it in school, in fact English was indeed my best subject, well other than P.E. (if you want to count that).  I usually got decent grades, not always though due to laziness, but never really enjoyed it.  In fact one assignment we were given while in 11th grade consisted of a literary outline about the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.  Great book but I forgot to actually do the assignment until it was almost too late.  It was due on a Monday and I suddenly remembered the Saturday afternoon before.  No one is thinking about doing homework during the weekend, especially not me.  That was my time for basketball and an awful lot of television. 

Not wanting to take yet another bad grade in a class that came easy to me, I sucked it up and followed the instructions our teacher gave us to a preciseness.  It must have taken me like half an hour to complete the entire thing.  I kind of just slept walked through it.  I really didn't care, it was better than getting a "0" and now I was free to waste my weekend anyway I saw fit.

Understanding Ebert

Quite possibly the single greatest and most influential film critic of this time and any other, Roger Ebert has certainly been around when it comes to movies. He knows what makes them tick, he knows what makes them go and most importantly he knows what makes them good. He, of course, also knows what makes them suck. As an aspiring critic myself, I have recently began reading some of Ebert’s more recent work. Films like The A-Team, Karate Kid, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you happen to actually follow my blog which is still in its newborn state, you can tell that I mostly tried to read his reviews of films that I, myself, have either seen or reviewed recently. In an attempt to compare my work and opinion with one of the greatest critical minds ever (I know, right, what was I thinking?), I found myself almost at the complete opposite end of opinions with Ebert on those films. I even re-read parts of his reviews trying to grasp his exact idea and feel for the film; sadly I simply could not agree with him on many of the same movies that I wrote about.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How about...Dinner and a Movie?

             Going on a date?  More specifically a first date?  What should you do?  Where should you take her?  Food is always a good idea.  Feeding your date has got to be the number 1 thing to gain some kind of positive cool points with her.  With her stomach full, she just might forget the fact that you don’t drive a Mercedes.  Oh, and to those guys reading who actually own a Mercedes, news flash: she’s only paying attention to you for your car.  Ladies, where would you like to be taken on a date?  What would you like to do?  What do you like eat?  All great questions. Yes, fantastic questions.  But with plenty of different answers.

            Unfortunately for those of us on an actual budget, those different answers can mean many different price ranges for that evening.  Yes Nicki Minaj, I look at the price tag.  But although the cost of a date may be important on a certain level, a more important aspect is the actual date.  What to do while you spend time trying to get to know someone?  Being a gi-normous lover of film, quite frankly I can probably go to the theater every day if I could (again, my budget does not permit this, movie prices are not going down any time soon).  Whereas whomever I deem lucky enough to allow to hang out with me for an evening may not embrace my same desire.  One that lets me sit in a dark theater and either thoroughly enjoy or ridicule a film that Hollywood or an independent filmmaker has placed on the screen in front of me.  So what to do?
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