Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Twilight Question

I have a question.  Yes I have asked many questions before and I feel that they are all of a shared importance simply becuase I have asked them and my curiousity is the only thing that matters in the world.  Well at least in my world.  Anyways my question is quite simple.  Its simplicty is simple.  Yet I am still without an answer.  I am hoping some of you awfully intelligent and very endearing readers will consider answering it for me.  It has to do with the gi-normous book & film franchise that the tweens and even some adults call Twilight.  It has gained about a ka-jillion fans and probably even more money and is still not finished with its plan at world domination. 

Yes I have posted about this mega-series before asking whether or not those of you who care think I should actually read the books.  As it turned out, not many of you did care but that's quite alright.  I understand your non-concern for my indecisiveness about what I read.  This time around I have a slightly different question.  I could answer it myself by actually reading the books but I really don't feel like it.  Well I mean I haven't had time.  So if you feel the need or even if you don't, I ask that you spare me that effort and answer my question.  For those of you who have actually read the books:

"Does it state anywhere in the novels that the Quileute wolves must walk around constantly shirtless?"

I ask because I am legitimately curious.  Not because I am trying to be funny or bitter about male half-nudity.  I understand that it draws in tons of female fans around the world which count for a large portion of the franchises revenue but in terms of the standard novel-to-film adaptation, I would really like to know.  Usually, well hopefully, films do a pretty decent job of working off of the novel that they take from.  Harry Potter has done a pretty good job.  All of those books I have read in their entirety.  The comparison between the books and film are not too far off.  So there you have it, my epic question.  Sorry I drew this out so long but I wanted to make sure that I was understood in my plight.  Now, if you would be so kind...ANSWER!!!


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  1. NO it doesn't , but I'm okay with it. In the books what it does say is it's easier for them to dress in just cutoff sweats which they can carry after they shift in a thong around their ankles. Too many times when they shift unexpectedly they waste clothes, which I suppose gets expensive!!! Like I said, I'm all for shiftlessness!


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