Friday, October 29, 2010

"Another Chance" Cafe...chapter 16

I was the first one awake again the next morning. I forgot to pull the shades completely closed the night before so the sun lighting up the entire living room was the reason my sleep was disturbed. Shea was lying on top of me probably peacefully dreaming about something. Hopefully it was me. I was holding her close and could feel air hit my t-shirt every time she took a breath. I looked over at the digital clock on my cable box and saw it was still kind of early. We must have fallen asleep early because I felt pretty rested to be up this early. Maybe I was the one who fell asleep early because Shea must have turned off the television. I laid there holding her and stroking her skin back and forth for quite some time before trying to move. Seems like that has become my new favorite thing to do.

I gently slid her off of me and made my way to the bathroom. After that, I went into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast that I could surprise her with. I know, great thinking. The smell of freshly toasted waffles must have woken her up because I heard the bathroom door close and a couple of minutes late she walked into the kitchen and presented me with a rather big hug. I squeezed her back tightly and we shared a kiss.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Another Chance" Cafe...chapter 15

I'm proud to announce the creation of Another Chance Fridays.  I will try to release a new chapter of "Another Chance" Cafe every Friday for your reading pleasure.  This will keep me on a nice little schedule and give you readers something to look forward to at the end of your very boring and mundane week (just kidding).  Hopefully it will also give you something to converse about with your friends on your way to a party Friday night, shopping Saturday afternoon or over Sundy breakfast with your significant other.  So this week is episode, uh, I mean chapter 15.  Enjoy!

I froze; I literally did not know what to do. Should I ignore the knocking? Should I quickly explain to Shea who it is and exactly why I rather not open the door? Should I step outside discreetly and try to shoo her away? What do I do?! My heart slowly rose to reclaim its normal position within my chest but continued to beat relentlessly. I looked through the peep-hole once more to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. My hopes of it being someone else on the other side of my front door probably left through the same hole that I was looking through. She was still there and knocked a third time.

“Are you going to answer it?” Shea called out to me.

Stumbling over my words, I tried to answer her; “Uh, yeah”. I swallowed hard and reached for the brass doorknob. I slowly turned it hoping that she would get tired of knocking, decide that no one was home and go away. But I’m sure she saw my car outside and wouldn’t let any notion other than the fact that I was indeed home into her thick skull. I knew her well, stubbornness was one of her few strong points, but not always a good one. I was surprised she didn’t have the words “Never say Die” branded on her ass. I unlocked the door and opened it.

“Hi!” she greeted.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Another Chance" Cafe...chapter 14

The next morning I awoke to the cool breeze of my fan that I turned on mid-way through the night. Our romp in the sack left us sweating even in our sleep. I awoke sometime during the night with her hair sticking to my face and chest. So I gently slid her over and turned on the fan that I kept beside my bed. Now the sun was gently shining through the dark curtains that covered my bedroom window. The light peaked around a crack between the two panels and fell upon our feet at the bottom of the bed. I woke up facing the back of Shea’s head, the scent of her hair in my nose. My arm was around her, holding her close to me with our legs intertwined within each other under the comforter.
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