Friday, September 17, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 11

I was instantly reminded of how soft and delicate feeling her lips were.  Smooth and slick were her kisses.  Aggressive as though she was attempting to curb an appetite for my mouth but passionate and meaningful all rolled up together.  I, at first, firmly grabbed her hips and pulled her even closer to me as leaned back on the couch.  She ran her hands all over my head and through my hair.  By now I was completely laying on my back with her on top of me.  We were two parallel lines of intense desire at that point.

I felt my arms holding her tighter and tighter.  Seemed as if they had a mind of their own and wasn’t waiting for my brain to react.  I ran my hands all over her body feeling every curve and corner of it.  My exploration of her body led me to a certain part which I was very fond of in females.  My hands found their way to the very edge of the lower portion of her back and hesitated for a moment.  Even they, operating under their own accord, knew that this might be a touchy area to further their research of her landscape. 
The way that we were kissing and the heat of the moment made the decision for them and they continued on their way.  Slowly smoothing my hands over her butt, I gave a good grab and felt the wonderfulness that it had to offer.  It wasn’t very big, no, but it was shaped to utter perfection.  The already emptying pitcher of arousal that was pouring into my body at that point got a refill and overfilled my glass.  I grasped her even tighter and from the slight moan that she gave, it was a sure bet that the she liked it. 

Her hands themselves were conducting a little expedition of their own.  They found a path from my head down to my chest and arms where they seemed to find a home.  She was probably grabbing me harder than I was her.  It was great.  Going with the moment, I gave her lovely lips a break and proceeded down to her neck where I must have found a hot spot.  She started to squirm and grind against me as if she was trying to start a fire using our bodies as the sticks.  I placed one hand on the back of her head and pulled her neck closer to where my tongue would have a better range of motion.  She followed suit by putting her hand on the back of my head and pulling me in even closer as well. 

I traveled back towards her mouth taking in a breath on the trip and went back to work on her mouth.  She really, really must have loved the job I did on her neck because she instantly filled my mouth with her tongue.  I couldn’t believe it, even her tongue tasted fantastic.  It was like using my own tongue to smell that same scent that pulled me towards her that day in the café.  I responded by using my tongue to invade her mouth as well.  She kind of giggled a little but continued to kiss me.  By now, I was so familiar with her backside that I could describe every nook and turn that it had.  But still, I couldn’t get enough.

I toyed with the idea about taking it a step further and running my hands under her shirt to feel the smooth bare skin that covered her back.  But even with my hands driving themselves, they wouldn’t go this route.  I didn’t have long to think about this however, she sat straight up, straddling me and ran her hands down her chest and across my stomach pulling my t-shirt up exposing them.  By the expression on her face, I could tell she liked what she saw.  She also took a little time to gently rub her fingers back and forth over my stomach.  I knew going to the gym would pay off for something. 

She kissed me once more before concentrating on my t-shirt again, this time pulling it completely over my head and tossing it on the floor.  She then immediately crossed her arms grabbing either end of her own shirt and pulled it off in one swift motion.  With her sitting there on top of me, I could see my imagination of what she looked like with no clothes on did her absolutely no justice at all.  Her body was masterful.  I instantly found my hands wandering over her stomach and her belly button piercing.  Her breasts sat flawless within her bra practically calling out to me.

I grabbed her sides and snatched her back towards me.  She made a little yelp but seem to appreciate the gentle roughness of my action.  The feeling of her skin against mine was almost too much.  My hands were in heaven, like two little kids in a candy store not able to concentrate on just one treat.  So much sweetness, so little time.  The feeling was fantastic.

My body switched its gears into an “I want it” disposition as I grabbed her with one arm and switched our positions placing her on the bottom.  She hummed with delight and rolled her tongue in my mouth once more to show her approval.  Now on top, I returned to her neck and her body returned to twitching uncontrollably.  I took my tongue past her neck down to her chest and first buried my face between her breasts pausing for a moment to take it all in.  Her hands went from gripping the couch cushions to clutching my head pushing it even further between her breasts than it already was.

I ran my hands under bra and cupped her breasts within my palms.  They felt incredible.  She then ran her hands down to my back and then over to my arms clutching them rather tightly.  She wrapped her legs around my waist and began grinding on me without restraint.  Soon her apartment was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and Shea-produced moans.  I slipped her bra off and my tongue found a dwelling spot upon her breasts going back and forth between each one not getting enough from either.

My hands transcended down to the drawstring on her sweat pants, untying it and then beginning to slowly pull them off.  At first I thought she might stop me but she was all for it.  She pulled one leg out and I kissed her inner thigh sending a shiver of pleasure throughout her body.  As she started to pull her other leg out, one of the leading causes of mood killers occurred…her phone rang.

Loud and proud the jingle echoed throughout the now quiet living room.  It was completely dark outside, the street lights had come on and I remembered that it was raining out.  “Oh no…,” she said in a tone of disappointment and I got off of her so she could move.


“Nah, it’s ok.  Maybe you should get that,” I responded.

“I don’t really want to,” she said.  But it kept ringing and I could see in her eyes that she was kind of curious to find out who it was that had interrupted our “session”.

“You should, it might be important,” I said.

“Ooook,” she said with a sigh.  She reached for her phone which sat on the coffee table and answered it.  “Hi Dad”

Wow, it was her father.  We just had one of most intense rounds of making out probably in the history of making out and who wouldn’t be more perfect to put an end to all of that than her father.  Possibly very protective of his extra-hot daughter as well I imagine.  I, honestly, thought the phone call interruption was the work of someone else.  That would have made it even more fitting…and disappointing.  But she probably wouldn’t have answered if it was him.

During her brief conversation with her father, I could tell she was trying to rush him off of the phone, I began to think if doing what we were seemingly about to do was the right thing to do right now.  It seeped in even further as my attention returned to the fact that we were both sitting on her couch half naked with her father on the phone.  I looked over at her.  Her pants half off, topless and her hair a mess, she still looked amazing to me bathed in the moonlight streaming in through her patio door which stood just adjacent to her couch.  Her skin still glistened, her hair still shone, and her voice still sounded angelic although speaking to her father, I couldn’t look away.

“Ok dad, ok, oohh k I got it. I’ll call you tomorrow.  Tell mom I said hi.  Love you too.  Bye,” she said.  “I’m so sorry Patrick, when he gets started it’s like trying to stop a freight train or something”

“It’s cool, my mom is the same way,” I responded.

We both kind of looked at each other awkwardly and then looked at our clothes lying all around the floor and on the couch.  I didn’t know what to say.  I know what I wanted to do but I didn’t know if she wanted to do the same thing.  Plus, I was still unsure if we should be doing what I wanted to do. Before I could speak, however, she said:

“Um, maybe this wasn’t meant to happen just yet”

“Yeah, I was beginning to think the same thing”

“I mean, I’m not going to lie, it was wonderful…absolutely wonderful (her voice trailed off a bit as if reminiscing about the details of our romp), but in actuality it probably isn’t the greatest idea right now,” she said.

“I suppose you’re right.  A little too early for this kind of step.  I agree…kind of,” I replied.

She laughed at that last part, probably feeling the same way I did.  Wanting so bad to continue what we had begun but also trying to be emotionally responsible about the situation.  It was kind of weird how alike we thought.  I had never had that sort of connection with a girl before.  It was scary but also felt very nice.

“Maybe next time,” I said.

“May-be,” she replied with an almost disappointed look on her face.

“So I’ll get dressed and leave, drive around the block, come back and then it’ll be next time,” I joked.

She instantly burst into laughter and sarcastically responded with, “Oh sure, yeah, because that’s how it works”

“It is, that’s the new way of doing things in these kinds of situations.  It gets things moving faster so more can get done,” I explained.

“Oh really?  I see.  I kind of agree with that reasoning to be honest.  But I don’t think we should try to push this any faster at this point.  I like where we are so far.  I like you,” she replied.

“Well, you’re alright I guess,” I joked.  She laughed again.

“Wait, just alright?  That’s it?  I’ll show you just how alright I am,” she responded.

She came at me like she wanted to play fight but tripped on her sweatpants which was still attached to one of her legs and fell towards me.  I caught her in mid-flight and we both fell on the couch with her landing on top of me.  Our eyes met and we stared into the other one’s pupils once more.  We gradually leaned our heads closer and closer together until we began to kiss once more.  Not like before, but with much more intimacy this time.  After a minute, she pulled away and smiled at me.

“We have to stop meeting like this,” she joked.

“I think this is the best possible way to keep meeting actually,” I responded.

“You would.  But I like meeting like this too,” she said.

We kissed once more and then stood up.  Realizing that she was still half naked, Shea frantically searched for her shirt which had made its way under the coffee table somehow.  She put it on and pulled up her sweatpants as I slid my t-shirt back on and discovered my socks within the cushions on the couch.  I have no idea how they managed to both come off but they did.  She held my hand as she walked me to the front door and rubbed my back as I bent over to put my shoes back on.

We held each other in another loving embrace before kissing each other good-bye and I finally managed to exit her apartment.  I pulled my jacket on as I walked out into the drizzle and got into my car.  I caught a glimpse of the time.  To my astonishment, it was already after 11.  I figured I should get some sleep seeing as how a little thing called work was on the schedule for tomorrow.

As soon as I got home, I hung up my jacket and threw my clothes here and there only interested in finding my bed.  Right after I laid my head on the pillow no doubt preparing to drift off into an instant replay of the evening but with a much different ending, my phone chimed with a message.  It was from Shea, as if you didn’t know.  I read:

Thk u for coming over Patrick
And not just becuz what happened happened but becuz I really needed ur company
2night and it felt wonderful 2 have u here
Oh, and if u were wondering, u were terrific
Although we didn’t get 2 finish what we started
I loved it, u made me feel desired and beautiful again
I hope I was able 2 do something similar for u
Hope to talk to u tomo
G’ Night

Another seal to another good evening.  The conclusion to today was not like it had begun at all.  I was a little calmer about the Shea situation by now for obvious reasons but also because I still felt comfortable and appreciated around her although I was feeling a little way about the whole thing earlier.  Regardless of the near sex that happened, it was nice just being around her.  So I decided to tell her that.

Funny u should say that becuz I feel the same way
I enjoy simply being around u even if nothing hadn’t happened at all
Hope u don’t tell ur father what he ended up interrupting
He might decide to call u more often
I’m glad I came over too
Have a good day tomorrow and sleep tight
Oh, and u were great too, sure I’ll b dreaming about it all nite

After a couple seconds, another message came through:

LOL, yea he would call me every 5 mins
Glad 2 hear I did sumthing rite
Ill prob b dreaming of u too

I laid back down and wondered for moment what all of this would mean for us now.  More questions began to pop into my head but they were quickly displaced due to my mind much rather wanting to recount the events that took place on Shea’s couch.  I drew a mental blueprint of her body and studied it in my dreams.  For now, my love sickness was cured.  A healthy dose of Shea was what I needed.  Hopefully I’d soon receive more shots of her medicine to prevent me from relapsing.  I was indeed truly looking forward to it.

To be continued…


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