Monday, September 27, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe...chapter 13

Without hesitation, I dropped my sandwich meat, gently cupped her face with my hands and pulled her towards me. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who it was that was waiting for me to get home. Our lips interlocked with such fierceness that our teeth clicked together at first. But we didn’t care and paid no attention to this as we continued our embrace. It felt as though I moved her entire body by holding her head. Judging from the way she was kissing me back, I knew that either I had not hurt her or she was ignoring any pain she might be feeling. I released her face and completely wrapped my arms around her waist engulfing her in everything me. Our heads alternated twisting back and forth as our lips connected over and over again. Finally, after one last slow kiss, we pulled away from each other and just looked into the other’s eyes.

“Hi,” she giggled. “Miss me?”

“No, not at all, this is how I greet all of my unexpected guests,” I answered.

She giggled again and I kissed her once more. I released her, picked up my sandwich meat and grabbed her bag which were both sitting on the stairs beneath us. She turned around and walked up the steps ahead of me. As she waited for me to unlock my door, she watched me intently with a steady grin on her face that she was trying desperately to conceal but was failing miserably at it. I took out my keys and opened the door.
“After you,” I said.

She stepped inside and I followed turning on the light in the living room. She walked over to the couch and sat on the edge of it as if preparing to stand up again very soon. Yeah, it was safe to say she knew exactly what was coming. The same “what” that she came over here for. I wasted no time putting my meat in the fridge and removing my shoes. After which, I made a b-line straight for her and hoisted her up off of the couch which yielded a soft yelp of surprise from her. I threw her over my shoulder, turned off the living room light and carried her, laughing with delight, into my bedroom. Without bothering to turn on any of the lights in there, I placed her on the bed and immediately found my target which was her lips. She responded with pulling me on top of her by grabbing my shirt. She placed her hands over my ears as we intensely continued to kiss.

I felt her trying to push me to the side so I allowed her to roll me over so she was now on top. She sat up and went straight for my belt, unbuckling it. As she unbuttoned my pants and began to unzip them, I could faintly see a smile on her face through the darkness. Before completely unzipping my pants, she pushed my shirt up and pulled it over my head and tossed into the dark that surrounded us. She pulled me towards her so that I was sitting up and we were face to face. She kissed me and I could once again feel and taste her tongue inside of my mouth. I then found the spot on her neck that worked wonders the night before. Her breathing instantly hastened and she made an “ohh” sound. That combined with the way she pushed my face further into the corner of her neck let me know how much she liked it. I twisted and turned my tongue in every direction I could manage along her neck eventually causing her to moan and giggle at the same time. She pulled away with a smile.
“That tickles Patrick…but I like it,” she said softly.

I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and returned to her spot of delight. She once again constricted her hands around the back of my head pushing it more and more into her neck. I grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it off of her also throwing it somewhere to be claimed by the darkness. She was wearing a t-shirt under it which I also quickly removed and went to work on doing away with her bra. After making it a recent memory, I cradled her breast in my hands while still focusing on her neck. Multi-tasking never seemed so wonderful.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back down on the bed. She then began to blaze a trail led by her tongue from my lips down to my chest. She paused there for a while again rubbing her hands back and forth all over it. The smoothness of her hands against my skin made me tingle a bit. Normally tingling is not a sensation that I am proud to admit but this was Shea here, so I don’t care. Her tongue continued its route down to my stomach where it seemed like she planned on running it through every groove and over every square inch of flesh that covered it. Finally her travels took her to my unzipped pants where she sat up again to pull them off. She also relieved me of my boxer shorts before returning her lips back to mine.

I grabbed her and quickly flipped her over to pull off her sweatpants. Really beginning to feel all of the passion and feelings I had for her start to come out of me, I didn’t dawdle in taking her panties off either. I even ripped both of our socks off before taking a second to gently kiss the top of her feet. She seemed to like it because she didn’t pull away as I half expected this to tickle her as well. I ran my tongue up along her leg paying close attention to her inner thigh. I remembered how much she loved it before and the second time around didn’t let me down either. Her entire body shivered as she squirmed in place on the bed. Being sure not to discriminate against her other leg, I included it in my tongue tracing. Even more of a response from her. I suddenly became very proud of myself in being able to pleasure the girl whom I held so dear to my heart.

My tongue found her belly button and her hands found my head once more. Running her fingers through my hair and moving her body along with the way that I was scouring her stomach with my mouth, she “hmmm’ed” a little to herself. I pressed upward and discovered her nipples first including them in my tongue tracing and then simply wrapping my lips around them, paying attention to one breast with my mouth while continuously rubbing the other with my hand. Her hands were back and forth between holding my head and covering her face. Her breathing was like the roar of a crowd to me, cheering me on. Pushing me forward, willing me towards a win.

Not being able to take it anymore, I returned to her lips. This time using my tongue to trace the inside of her mouth. It was like our tongues were making out as well. She ran her hands along my back softly but tightly clutched it as I inserted myself inside of her. She quietly moaned “Oh my gosh” and then bit her bottom lip as if trying to keep quiet. Her clutching hands changed into digging fingernails as our bodies moved in time to one another. Ignoring the pain in my back, I continued to thrust inside of her with all intention of being gentle pretty much vacant at this moment. Her nails in my back only egged me on. Knowing that she was enjoying me this much kind of made up for all of the past happenings. The uncertainty of want she wanted with me, the kiss with her ex-boyfriend, everything. It all faded away and the only thing that mattered right this moment was what was happening in my bedroom.

She finally removed her nails from being embedded within the skin on my back and instead grabbed the sheets beneath us. I could feel her pulling on them with all of her might. Her breathing was the fastest it had been at this point. Her moans became louder and louder with each thrust and every movement. I grabbed the top edge of the bed to give myself more leverage to push deeper inside of her. When I did that, she arched her back like she was trying to escape and let out a sound of startling surprise; “uh-uh-uhh-oohhhh”. The “oh’s” got louder and more intense as I pushed onward until her entire body tensed up all at once and she was as stiff as a board for a couple of seconds. My pride rose a bit more as I realized what had just happened. She lay under me for a second with her eyes closed just kind of twitching slightly with her hands holding her chest. Almost scared to touch her, I withdrew myself and began kissing her all over very gently and very slowly. Her body twitched a little every time my lips touched her skin.

“Are you ok?” I asked her.

“Huh? Uh, yeah, I’m fine,” she replied out of breath. “Ok, keep going”

With a smile, I gladly obliged. Cradling her in my arms, I picked her up and put her back on top of me. She instantly re-inserted me inside of her and slowly began to grind back and forth. I could actually feel her hips twisting and turning on top of me like some kind of a sexy dance routine. She put both of hands on my chest and slid them upward until they were grabbing my shoulders. Leaning forward slightly, she began bouncing up and down. Her pace quickened with every rebound. Sounds of our flesh hitting one another overflowed the room but were soon drowned out by her even louder moans of pleasure. I grabbed her hips and started pushing her up and down even faster than she was doing it before. Her moans turned into screams and howls. All crammed with bliss and gratification. At one point, I sat straight up and held her close as to prevent her from falling off of the bed. It was like I lost all control and went into a sort of animalistic state trying to fulfill the both of our needs. Wild and crazy to say the least.

As I held her close, my mouth found her breasts again and she grabbed my arms with a force that I hadn’t felt from her before. She threw her head back whipping her hair all about which made her look even hotter, if that was even possible at this point. Her hands then moved their clutch of death to the back my neck. They kind of cut off my air supply for a second but needless to say, I really didn’t notice. We returned to grinding our bodies against each other which sent her into an absolute frenzy.

“Ooh, oh, yes, yeah, yeeaah” she screamed out over and over. Although, there was next to no space left between us, she wrapped her entire arms around my neck this time and tightened her hold pulling me into her even closer. Her mouth was right next to my ear at this point and I could hear every syllable of her pleasure. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my earlobe and realized that she was biting me. Wow! Didn’t peg her for a biter, but I now have the dental evidence on my ear to prove that she is. She released it only to utter three words out loud;

“Ohh My Gooosh!”

Her body tensed up again, even more than it did last time and we slowed back down to a nice steady pace. That was number two. Not stopping this time to ask if she was ok, I got up off of the bed and carried her over to the nearest wall. I held her up against it and went right back to work. She was still clutching my neck and her breathing began to speed up yet again. She threw her head back again but this time the back of it met the side of the wall with a thud. Before I could check to see if she was ok, she instructed me to, “please, don’t stop”. I followed her orders and pressed on. Now placing my arms under each of her legs and holding her upright against the wall, I thrusted and pulled her against me in unison slamming into her with each “smack” more intense than the one before it. She let go of me and held her arms up against the wall. I could see her face vividly now with the moonlight glowing through my window falling upon it perfectly. Her hair was sticking to her sweaty face, her eyes were closed and her mouth seemed as if it was impossible for her to close it even if she tried. I could feel her breath hitting me as I continued to pull her back and forth into me.

I pulled her away from the wall, now holding onto her by her butt and she wrapped her legs around me. We stood in a vertical love-making position for quite a while kissing, hugging and grinding before my legs could hold the both of us no longer. I carried her back towards the bed and laid her down at the edge while I remained standing. I placed both of her legs on each one of my shoulders and grabbed her waist to pull her back and forth into me. She grabbed onto the sheets for dear life and then took hold of my hands which were still on her hips. After a minute or two, her climatic moans escaped her lips again and she arched her back high off of the bed and went as stiff as the wall we just used for our surface of passion. “Ohhh, ohhhhhh Patrick!” Number three and she called out my name. This was sheer excellence. It really was. Letting her legs lay to each side of me, I then leaned on top of her and slid my hands under her back and gripped her shoulders with them. I kissed her gently before drawing her back and forth into me with some real force behind it. She stiffened up her legs and her nails found a place in my back again.

Not too long after I started, I began to get that feeling. You know the feeling that I’m talking about. Feeling like a jolt of electricity is about to shoot through your body and your “cup” is about to spill over at the same time. I slowed my pace a little and I think she was able to tell what was going on. While still panting quite heavily herself, she removed her nails from my back and placed one hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes briefly before kissing me passionately. I finally reached that point of no return, so I pulled myself out of her and climaxed on the sheet under us. It was then that I realized how sweaty I was myself. She was still gulping mouthfuls of air and twitching a little. I picked her up and ripped the stained sheet off of the bed and then carried and laid her down at the top of it.

Luckily the comforter had fallen onto the floor and was still clean enough for us to use. I retrieved it, climbed into the bed next to her and covered us both up. She scooted closer to me and we kissed a couple of times before she laid her head on my chest. I put my arm around her and held her close. I found it sort of ironic that she was lying on the side of my chest where my heart was. After that cardio session, I’m sure she could hear it beating pretty hard. I began stroking her hand along my chest and I did the same along the side of her face.

“That was…fantastic Patrick,” she said in almost a whisper. “I, uh, didn’t know it would be like that”

“Well, to be honest, me neither,” I responded. “Just sort of came out, I guess. Oh, by the way, glad you came over”

She giggled.

“Me too, if you didn’t guess by now, me insisting on you going to the market was part of my master plan,” she explained. “I never knew I could move so fast. I had to change my clothes and drive over here before you got back. I’m actually rather proud of myself”

“I kind of figured you planned this. You’re a sneaky one”

She giggled again.

“I know”

Before we knew it, we were both drifting off. But I wasn’t surprised. Great sex will do that to you. Put you right out. The cuddling afterwards with her made the night complete. Although we were both moist from perspiration and well, other bodily fluids, her body laying on mine felt great. She still even smelled wonderful. This was our first “time” and night together. I would surely savor this evening and this very moment for a very long time to come. Still not completely sure, but I suppose it was safe to say after the time we had spent together and now this, we could probably consider each other a couple. But I suppose that uncertainty could be discussed at another time. I was sleepy now and I finally had the woman of my dreams to share that sleep with.

To be continued...


  1. I have read your story up to this point, and though rather intrigued, I'm curious as to what your end result is with this story. It seems like this is either going to be the never-ending story, or it's going to have some sort of sappy ending where they "all live happily ever after." There doesn't seem to be much of a plot. Is this a tell all, because it's more what it feels like.

  2. It may feel like a never-ending story because it has developed into something much longer than I intended. It went from simply a short story to now being something much more due to the growing interest in it. The plot is pretty much just life itself. I'm trying to incorporate a level of "realness" while still maintaining the romance fantasy aspect. As for the ending, yes I do have one planned but you're going to just have to wait and see.


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