Thursday, June 9, 2011

Next Time You Look In The Mirror

You’ve been wronged, you’ve been hurt
You’ve been lied to, you’ve been irked

I’ve been through it too, I’ve been through the same
I’ve been broken, gotten caught up in this stupid game

I don’t want to push, but I know I want you
You think you know, but you don’t have a clue

I know how bad it was, finally getting over the pain
I know we both like things that others don’t, like the sound of falling rain

I wish I could remove the paranoia and all of the doubt
I wish I could throw it away, tell it to “get the hell out”

You’re afraid to open your heart because someone once sank it
I’ll be your protector, your shield and your warm blanket

You don’t believe me, you want to hear proof
My life has been filled with hurt too, and that’s the truth

You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you hear it all the time
But your wall of feelings is what counts, and I would like to make the climb

My hand against your skin, that’s gotta feel real good
I’d travel miles just to put my arms around you right now, if I could

You needed someone to treat you like a Queen and he didn’t
If he saw what I see, he’d be kicking himself right this second

For some reason, I think of you when I awake until the moment right before I lay
I guess it’s safe to say you’re on my mind for the entire day

But you don’t feel the same and for this I am regretful
I have no choice but to fall back and try to be forgetful

But I can’t not remember, still knowing what I can give you
You might never realize this, but I for one hope that you do

They say girls are like buses, they run all the time
But you’re like a brand new Mercedes-Benz that I want to make all mine

Its been hard convincing you of how special you can be
Next time you look in the mirror, hopefully you’ll see what I see

by ML Kasper Kain

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