Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Unicorn

There was a while there when I was afraid to approach you
A time when I only sought after you from a distance
Kept to myself because I didn’t want to frighten you away
To say that I was a silent hunter wouldn’t even be correct
Because the truth is I wasn’t hunting, I was merely admiring
Trying to take in everything that was you
I only say everything because if I was to take the time
To list each and everything about you that I love
We would both be old by the time I finished
But only you would remain as beautiful as you are now

There are different names to describe creatures as amazing as you
But only one seems fitting for you
Mythical, majestic, graceful and very difficult to catch
So I call you my Unicorn
Truly one of a kind, sights like you are very hard to come by
I bided my time hoping for a chance
And finally, eventually I got it

My Unicorn
I say it again because it’s still hard to believe
Hard to believe that you’re finally mine
Even as I still watch you, still smell you
Still hold you; I am still in awe of you
I still can’t believe that I actually have you
And even now I sometimes feel as if I don’t

Not because of anything you have done
But because reality says that as difficult as it was to catch you
It’s got to be 100 times harder to keep you
People say once you’ve caught a Unicorn
It’s not a Unicorn to you anymore
Since you have captured it, that desire you had will fade away
Until you find another one

I disagree
There aren’t any others out there
Not for me
I can’t see anything past you
There are legendary creations in this world
And I managed to catch the best one
There will never be another one like her
So to me, you are, and will always be…
                                                  …my Unicorn

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