Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Her smile...

Her smile shines brighter than the sun, moon and every other star combined.
So bright that you would even be able to see them during the day. 
In fact they are so bright that you could honestly compare her teeth to a string of constellations that would make you wanna lay on the grass and just stare up at them all night.

Her lips...

Her lips are like diving into your bed after having the hardest day you've ever had in your life.
Then having that same bed change into a tropical vacation that lasts forever.
And those lips are always coated in lipgloss that just so happen to be the exact flavor fruit that you were craving that entire day.

Her skin...

Her skin is like a silk blanket that you would be afraid to wrap yourself in because you wouldn't want to ruin it with your own germs and body funk.
You just stroke it every so often to remind yourself of what heaven feels like.

Her eyes...

Looking into her eyes is like peering into pure beauty.
Beauty so pure that if it could be transferred into a drug, you wouldnt be able to afford it at its street value.
You'd be better off by-passing the easy to notice handshake you would give "that guy on the corner" and just go straight to the Colombian fields yourself and get the wholesale price from the Cartel dealer down there.

Bring it back to your place and cut it the way that you want.

But heres the thing,
                             you can't cut this kind of beauty.
It's already chopped and screwed just the way you want it.
That's what makes her so special, she's just the way you want her.

If you could take what she was and melt her down into a fiery ball of pretty, then take that same ball of raw gorgeous and mold it into whatever the most absolute flawless woman would be to you, you would simply find yourself with a finished product the same as what you began with.

You'd be nearly unable to determine a way to describe what she was exactly, but there is one name and only one name that just gets it right;

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