Friday, December 2, 2011

Spoken Truth

Laid in my bed thinking I was tired, turned out that I was wrong
Laid on back eyes wide open, stuck in my head was that song

Same melody that always reminds me of you, ever so silky and wet
It won’t let me forget
If I could only have you here next to me I’d be set

That smile on your face, my hands around your waist
Those panties made of lace, I yearn for another taste

Please come back and pay another visit
I want to feel your touch and I just can’t resist it

This feeling I can’t shake, your body I want to take
Next to you I want to wake, more than Love I want to make

Way beyond things in common, We have a connection
More than just recent memories, I have vivid recollections

Keeping in tune with my way of thinking I fear you have me hooked
I hope you understand me, I fear that there is something I have overlooked

Frightened to admit I may like you, I dare do not say it
But this chance I have to take, this message I must convey it

A fear of being alone, never having  anyone stings in the back of my mind
No one else quite like you, I’m afraid I might not ever find

Another girl that understands the complicated things I say out loud
Who agrees with my state of mind, not thinking my head is in a cloud

I don’t want to end this speech because I’m afraid you will walk away
I still smell your perfume on my pillow, seems that it’s there to stay

I now see what others fear about me, my quietness and all
Because you have the same trait, your distantness hesitates my call

I wish you were more open, I will declare this fact
But I’m the same way, so I can’t really complain about that

I want to show up at your door, wipe my shoes on your mat
Hold you tight in my arms, right after I attack that kitty-kat

We are more than just sex, more than just text, more than just hanging out
We enjoy each other’s time, drop sarcastic lines, and I love your body all throughout

I’ve said too much ‘Wow’, I’ve wasted enough time now, I need to see you
I hope you feel the same and don’t think it’s too Lame to want to call me your Boo

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