Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drunk Texting

Some habits in Life can be tough to admit
Some shameful, some secretive, some brushed away with a gesture
But this one is really not, so I’ll stand and introduce myself
Hello, my name is Sean and I am a Drunk-Texter

More of a chronic disease really than an awkward habit
I don’t drink much but when I do I am guilty
Of pulling out my smartphone, turning it sideways
And drafting embarrassing text messages by the plenty

I don’t think they’re all bad, Personally
Some are to females I care of with feelings emphatic
My mood changes from sad to sweet
From down to upbeat, from mad to romantic

I turn into a true blue poet
Someone who carries his heart by his side
Who isn’t afraid to smile, a real change takes over
One that sees Dr. Jekyll without that Mr. Hyde

I can’t deny that some I have very much regret
Unlike any that I’ve written while sober
I pick a girl, grab my heart and begin to pour
So embarrassed after the fact, I wished I didn’t know her

One girl knew she was on my mind,
And that I cared deeply for another
The next heard I wanted to make her mine
But the last saw that I Loved her

I’m sure she knew that it wasn’t true
Probably saw me the same as other despicable men
Recklessly clicking away on the glass screen
Letting clouded emotions spill from my drunken digital pen

Every other day I keep my heart behind a heavy door
The Corona that passes over my lips seems to pick the lock
It opens the gate for many others to enter
Floats my emotions to the top and makes room for the Ciroq

I’m fortunate that in my liberated state of mind
I haven’t done anything to deserve a slap
Including licking beer off of a females chest
And resisting to give another’s ass a hard smack

I’ve been accused of drinking & texting quite often
But it’s a good thing that I never do it alone
Some people make sure their boy takes their keys
True story, I ask mine to always take my cell phone

Society looks down on this deed as being bad
I see this act of intoxication as an art however
Feelings that which are otherwise hard to admit
Fall from fingertips into messages that later will add to your terror

Usually the drunken truth is spoken
And this is because of alcohol, the liquid bravery
So sometimes you should pay attention to those texts
Because they may hold importance, some kind of intimate savory

If those Vodka & Cranberry thoughts weren’t real
Then why on Earth would they ever be said
They had to emerge from somewhere, someplace
They were just tired and Jack Daniels helped get them outta Bed

Drunk people only say what everyone is thinking
Things outrageous like who the hell lives in Kansas?
Or unspeakable acts they would do to that girl
Yes, I am a drunken artist and this keyboard is my only Canvas

My only wish is that when you read you do not judge
I do not deny that for texting under the influence, I am notorious
Someone should be there to stop me with a sobriety test
I’d fail every time but my words would be beautiful and quite luxurious

I know its something that I need to stop
But no matter what I write, I always feel like Im winning
Usually afraid to speak, I am each time the quiet one
But this Long Island Iced Tea always seem to give me an opinion

Either way, drunk or sober
I see the situation and feel like I cannot goof
I mean what I say and I say what I feel
What I feel is not always cuz of Absolut, but it’s always the absolute truth

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