Monday, October 17, 2011

"Sex $#!t"

More than just sex, I wanna give you my excess
This and that, Everything left over from past Ex’s

Things taken way back from unsent text’s
I hope to see a shooting star and make you my next wish

So much trust, I feel safe to enter unprotected
Remove our clothes and throw away the contraceptive

Before I proceed I must stop to give you a wet kiss
Down below, more than a meal, girl You’re the best dish

Your body squirming, my tongue got you grabbing your necklace
Made a move with my finger and your legs almost broke my neck disk

I signed my name right there cuz this ain’t no guest list
I should be the only one down here cuz they ain’t no guest lips

I come up for air like I’ve been under the deck ship
I pull out the sledgehammer because I’m about to wreck this

You grab my arm and I think maybe you don’t want to test this
But the provocative look in your eye says “Baby, come get this”

A low squeak escapes your lips and I find those wet hips
Because I want you to really feel it and they make the best grips

Every taste of your sweat makes me eager for the next sip
Your pelvic bone stinging against mine like a brand new latex whip

A long while later and I’m sure the neighbors heard the best of it
Tried some stuff that had you flopping around like a wet fish

We lie next to each other, bodies still pulsing, basking in our own sex mist
Nail marks in my back, teeth scars on my ear, I know you’ll never forget this

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