Sunday, October 16, 2011

Please, Please, Please


Overwhelming emotional state
Feelings of a crush I can’t mistake
I can’t deny my lust for you
Or wishing I were deep inside of you

Just seeing you takes my breath away
Get’s me lightheaded and I start to sway
The rush of adrenaline spurts and sprays
Through my body like scorching flames

Everything about you intrigues me
Your smile and your bright white teeth
Long blonde hair blowing oh so carefree
And those legs
Attached to those gorgeous feet
And my favorite pumps make me so horny

If I had them all they’d definitely complete me

Your skin so soft… slightly warm to the touch
I constantly wonder if you want to fuck
I’d make you love me so much
You’d turn psycho which is just my luck

You’d have access to a hot guy
Cars, money… and a bit of the sweet life too
Just as long as I can keep fucking you

I’m glad I’m not a stalker or a thief
Cuz I would have already been in your house
And have a few pairs of your panties

But sometimes I think it could be easy for me
Stepping across the line and going crazy
Meeting you at a sultry hideaway
So we can fuck and fuck and fuck the night away

Bend you over my knee while I make you whisper
Please, please, please
Just keep fucking me
by Phillip Michael

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