Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girls are Stupid, Boys are Somewhat Smart part 2

...and we continue on.  This second part focuses more on the non-necessity that is drama and the even more needlessness (I think that's a word) of it being present in a relationship.  If you want that relationship to last anyways.  Enjoy.

Part 2:

Back tracking to using your common sense about making the right choice, all I want to say is this: USE IT! That is why God provided us with it.  You have plenty of other attributes that He also gave you to use for other things.  You want a college degree? Use that part of the brain that controls intelligence.  You want to go running?  Use your legs.  You want to coerce you dude into doing something for you?  Bat your eyelashes, use your “sweet” asking voice, your unfair right to withhold sex and the power of your precious vagina.  You want to keep a good man?  Don’t make petty excuses not to keep him like his hair grows funny or he doesn’t have a specific job or he snores in his sleep.  I’m pretty sure you snore in your sleep too but he doesn’t tell you because he knows it might make you feel self conscious about yourself.

That is what I mean about using your common sense.  Common sense says don’t give up on something good just because it isn’t perfect.  Idealness has a tendency to become boring and we all know what you love to do whenever things get boring; create drama.  That brings me to my next topic of discussion, the ever hated and loathed, by men anyway, entity of drama.  Ladies, as my mother always says, “Sean, take my stupid advice…”, and please oh please try your very best not to bring drama to the table.  If he doesn’t start it then why should you?  Yes, drama makes for great entertainment on television, in the movies and in books, heck even in real life.  But it’s something that is always nice to look at from afar when it’s happening to someone else.  It really sucks when it happens to you.  So just don’t make it.  Especially unnecessary drama. 

Again, for those of you who don’t understand what that means, that is drama that doesn’t have to happen.  Not only does it not have to happen but it’s probably really stupid that it is happening. Thus, another reason for the lovely title of this whole thing.  I’m going to let you in on a tiny piece of super top-secret advice; guys hate drama…we really, really do.  As a matter of fact, your chances of him liking you immensely increases the longer you refrain from any kind of drama while the two of you are together.  That’s a win in my book.  Since drama-free females are a pretty rare species, you will most likely be treated like gold or some other really precious natural resource. 

If you don’t believe me, then have a listen to this.  Every single female that I have had the pleasure and not-so pleasurable chance of meeting all had a similar aspect that they follow when it came to their friends.  They all had way more guy friends than they did girlfriends.  One simple reason; women love to start drama.  They all said they enjoyed hanging out with their guy friends way more than they did with the alternative.  They knew that whenever they hung out with their female friends, especially if they were more along the kind of being acquaintances than actual close friends then the possibility of some type of drama, usually the unnecessary kind, could rear its ridiculously ugly head.  That same possibility drastically dropped when they were with their male friends, acquaintances or close friends.  Though if they were only acquaintances, the chance that the guy would want something more usually loomed about just waiting to pounce like a dirty old man with a bottle of Viagra.  All in all, follow this acronym; STD.  Stop the Drama.  What?  What did you think it meant?


To be continued...

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