Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girls are Stupid, Boys are Somewhat Smart

First of a six part piece discussing my thoughts on females and common sense.  Feel free to comment about any and everything.  Just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I'm close minded so I hope that you read with an open one.

Part 1:

Yes, the title does say that and yes, I did come up with it all by myself.  But no, I do not exactly mean what the title says.  Well, to an extent.  You see when I say that “Girls are Stupid”, and I’ve used that phrase plenty of times in my existence, I don’t exactly mean all females are blithering idiots.  This has nothing to do with basic and pure intelligence.  I’m not questioning your smarts because you may have failed to do substantially well on that rather easy open-book exam back in high school.  What I am questioning, again only to an extent, is the female level of pure and basic common sense.  Common sense and intelligence are of two different categories. 

Intelligence can be specifically defined as the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding and other similar forms of mental activity.  Common sense or logic can hold a definition of sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge and/or training.  In other words my fact junkies, intelligence basically consists of how smart you are which is contributed to by how good your memory is and we all know how women are absolutely terrific at remembering things, especially if it’s something negative about a guy.  In adverse, you can have tons of common sense without actually knowing anything factual at all.  It is purely based on how well you can react to and handle a specific situation.  Something that not everyone is typically good at.

When it comes to the presence of basic common sense, I will admit that females are probably naturally better at having that more so than males.  This, as I would imagine, is most likely due to the fact, yes I said fact, that they literally mature faster than we do.  For those of you who didn’t understand that last part, that means that they “grow up” quicker.  They usually grasp the concept of being an adult before we do.  I did say usually, as this does not happen with everyone.  Some girls grow up to be magnificent, well educated and wonderful women.  The kind that even the most dedicated bad boy and player can’t wait to bring home to mommy and daddy.  Others, well others just choose not to use their “common sense”.

Yes, the same can be said about men.  I will, without hesitation, support the fact that the debate about intelligence and common sense can be placed on a person-by-person basis.  But I can’t ignore the fact, yes I used the word fact again, that I have come across many women who, for whatever reason, love to pick the wrong option when presented with a choice.  Many choices, especially life choices, can be pretty tough.  Tough as in you can go your entire lifetime and still not be able to make a decision.  But the types of choices and situations that I speak of seem fairly simple.

Relax, before you begin to feel that I’m going to leave you hanging, I will provide some examples.  Since we’re discussing gender here, specifically females, I’ll start with a topic that they bring up a lot.  Relationships and the “fact” that there aren’t any good men out there.  Oh, there are good men out there, just like there are good women.  You just need to find them and when you do find them, Don’t. Push. Them. Away.  Pushing them away can be done by smothering them, being too picky about how they treat you or my personal favorite, “Going Crazy”.

First, no one likes a smotherer.  Yes, you like me.  I think that’s totally awesome dude but we both need our space.  Ever heard the phrase “Absence makes the Heart grow Fonder”?  Learn it, utilize it, adopt it, please.  Second, being too picky about how they treat you or about who they are is another touchy one.  We all know you like what you like and you so desperately want what you want.  That’s good because there are way too many women out there that have absolutely no clue as to what they may want.  But sometimes you have to just accept the certain way a guy is.  Not settle but accept.  Settling is dealing with his bullshit.  Flirting with other girls, not talking to you, pretty much treating you like crap.  That’s settling. 

No one wants to be in a relationship like that and I’m sure no one really truly deserves it.  Accepting is being happy that he took you to that fancy restaurant when he was finally able to get a day off from work instead of going completely out of his way and his budget to also get you that diamond encrusted necklace that you saw at the mall last week.  Be happy that you have a good guy that truly cares for you because, trust me, there are about 2 dozen other women who see him for what he is and will have no moral dilemma prying him away from you and that’s only the ones in your neighborhood.  You don’t know about the plethora of business casual mini-skirts waiting for him to arrive at work every morning.

Oh, and the epic and very classic “Going Crazy”.  I have a theory.  Yes, I have plenty of theories, but this one I stand by in a pair of cement sneakers.  Every female, and I mean every human being who owns a pair of ovaries, will at some time during their natural life, go crazy.  “Going Crazy” can range from throwing their man’s entire collection of Italian suits in his luxury car and setting the lot on fire to calling that girl you think (as in having a feeling about, not really knowing for sure), but only have a feeling that he’s cheating on you with and cursing her out six ways from any day to trying to push him down not one but two flights of stairs because you’re “upset” about something.  I really hope that something is worth his life and the time in prison that you’ll be doing for first degree murder. 

I will comment and say that not all women “Go Crazy” all by themselves.  Sometimes they are driven to it.  Maybe their man really was cheating with that slut-whore-bitch with the absolutely perfect ass.  Perhaps he came at you with his fists clenched again and you’ve had enough of trying to hide that black eye from your family and friends.  Maybe he’s just an all around asshole and he really simply deserves a wake-up call on how to treat a real women.  Those instances of “Going Crazy” are all warranted.  But maybe you should go about dishing out punishments that won’t either get you locked up or your kids taken away but all in all that douche bag had it coming to him.  Now I’ll step down off of my Tyler Perry soapbox.


To be continued...

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