Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy's Day

Yes, it happens to be that time of year once again. “That time of year”, the phrase seems to be used for every annual occasion that there is. To me, this so-called occasion doesn’t fit the criteria to be described by that same saying. That is because it shouldn’t be labeled as simply an occasion at all but instead celebrated all year long.

Mother’s Day to some signifies the one day a year when we should open our wallets, dip into our bank accounts and buy the women that brought us into this world a bunch of gifts and take them out to dinner. Call them, shoot them a text and pay tribute to the females that labored for nine months while breathing life into our bodies.

To me, Mother’s Day should be every day. No, we can’t spend every waking moment praising our mother’s but they should at least be made aware of just how important they are. Be made aware that they are more than just moms but also leaders, nurturers, protectors, providers and career-minded people with an almost endless amount of wisdom. I can’t count how many times I’ve picked my own mothers brain for advice, life experience and guidance. I know you have done the same.

Like many women, my mother was a single parent. She raised me the best way she knew how and stayed on me about the extremely important things. Aspects such as school, common sense and, yes, even personal hygiene (I was a boy, don’t judge me). She made sure I always had a roof over my head, a hot meal at dinnertime and a full lunch for school the next day. Even though I couldn’t stand drinking milk everyday with my lunch, I knew it was for my own good. A lot of good it did, I still wound up being short but that’s another story.

She also made sure that I stayed in line by doing a little more than just putting me over her knee when I got out of hand. She even saved my life…and dignity…a few times. Like when my brother and I tried to give ourselves haircuts and, well, didn’t do such a great job. She begged my father until he finally gave in to try to “fix” our hair to make us look somewhat presentable. Times like those I think I remember the most, maybe because of the humiliation.

Looking back, I don’t know how she did it nor do I think that I would have been able to do it myself. She is one of the main reasons that I respect single moms today and women in general. I go through each day with an easy mind knowing that my son has such a quality mother of his own. Hopefully one day, when he is of age, he will be able to understand just how important she is. Eventually he will know his origin story and of the days during her pregnancy that didn’t go so well. He will also know of her courage and positive thinking that helped get the both of us through those periods.

Somewhere down the line she may become a grandmother and then help to shape yet another young mind, like our mother’s do now. Mothers are truly amazing people. They inspire, discipline and sacrifice a lot to make our lives that much better. I find myself very thankful to simply have a mother as not everyone is as fortunate. So try to let your mother know how special she is, more than just one day a year. Traveling back through my life, I can truly say with an open heart, “I Love You Ma”.

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