Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNo WriMo Sampler

For those of you who care, a select and very great few, here is a small spoiler from the novel I'm working on for NaNo WriMo:

Sorry, there's no water to help you wash the taste out of your mouth if you don't like it. 

“I don’t see you as my “mother” anymore. I see you as something else, something special,” he answered.

“Something like what?” she asked as her heart began to speed up.

“Something like this…,” he said as he scooted closer to her and pulled her into him.

He held her waist and closed his eyes as he brought his face closer to hers. She could feel her eyes begin to close as well preparing herself for what was about to happen. They inched closer and closer until she felt a hard thump along the side of her back. Her eyes quickly shot open and she found herself laying on the floor.

He dropped me,” she thought to herself. “Was this some kind of mean joke?”

She looked around but found no one. Her room was empty again except for her. She was the only inhabitant at this time. She wondered where he went and asked herself how he did that so fast. Still laying on the floor, she suddenly realized that yes, indeed, she had fell but not because of her dream guy dropping her. She had simply fallen off of the window sill due to her falling asleep. All of that was nothing but a dream. A sigh of terror and relief filled her when she began to think what could have happened if she fell the in the other direction. Not wanting to think about it, she raised herself up to her feet and pushed the open window closed.

She then crossed the room and switched off the little lamp that was burning. Soon thereafter, she gracefully got into her bed being sure not to disturb the neat state that the sheets and blanket were in too much. She liked the look of organization and not to mention that it saved her from having to remake it again the next morning before she left for school. As she slid under her covers she couldn’t quite shake how real that mini-dream felt to her. She could still feel his arms around her. Her heart was still thumping from the romantic suspense she found herself in during her near kiss with the dream-Peter.

Her window closed but the curtains were still wide open, she looked out at the night sky one more time before letting the lids above her eyes close down around them. She hugged her pillow tightly and took a deep breath as if taking in her night visitors’ scent once more. Then before she finally drifted completely off to sleep, she allowed a string of words to slip from her lips;

“I miss you Peter”

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