Thursday, August 5, 2010

''Another Chance'' Cafe

My attempt at Fiction; here goes:

She walked past me and her perfume trailed behind her like an invisible scented scarf. I couldn’t help but follow the aroma like a trail of bread crumbs. She sat down at a small table at the café where we had both chosen to spend our afternoon. Usually the terribly timid one, I somehow found the courage to try to speak to her from a place somewhere within me that I have never visited before. I crossed the small and very quaint but very inviting coffee shop as I slowly…very slowly, but very surely walked over to her. The smell that came from the kitchen was relaxing but was nothing compared to the scent that she was emitting. As I approached her table, I noticed that she was writing something on a pad. Looked like a series of lines, kind of like a paragraph but not quite, and they all rhymed with each other. Then it hit me that she was writing poetry. “Duh!” It seemed that her perfume had caused me to lose my common sense along with my fear of talking to girls.

Suddenly realizing that a strange man was standing behind her, she slowly turned around. It was then that I noticed her shiny black hair about shoulder length and it seemed to drift more of her perfume toward me as she turned. Her brown eyes sparkled up at me and my voice got caught somewhere between my chest and the back of my throat. Taken back would be an understatement at this point. She stared up at me with one of those, “Can I help you?” glares. Before she could actually ask with her mouth, I answered her glare with a feeble attempt at a charming response. “Uh, hi” I know, I know, very far from charming but it’s what I had at the moment. She replied back with another “Hi” and I couldn’t help but just stare at her for a moment. She was like a fantasy that I never knew I had. Looking at her, I felt like life itself was possible. Like without all the trials and tribulations and difficult stuff.

Snapping out of my daydream, I realized I had been staring at her for quite some time without saying a word. Surprisingly, she was still looking back but her glare was getting increasingly impatient. Quickly I responded again with a second “Hi” but this time I added my name afterwards and asked her if she came to the café often. Yeah, I understand not the most original question when trying to talk to a beautiful female who you sure would never give you the time of day even if you paid her but again it’s what I had. Apparently thinking something similar she smiled at my question and replied with a “Yes”. She then stated that her name was Shea and she has never seen me in here before. I told her that I was new in the area and this was my first time in this particular café. I also told her it was weird because coffee always makes me sick but figured I would try a latte and risk my health. She giggled at my lame excuse for a joke and asked me to have a seat. Her smile was brighter than the sunlight that sparkled off of her hair to say the least.

As I sat down, I took the opportunity to notice the rest of her. Much more than merely just checking her out, I looked about her as if she were not human but as if she was a priceless work of art freshly created not even ready for the showroom quite yet. I realize comparing her to an inanimate object is not always flattering to women but this is what she reminded me of. She was light-skinned, almost silky looking. Before she sat, I noticed her body was curvy, not extremely skinny but healthy. But above all else, it was her smile that left a lasting impression in my memory. It was like a little person who lives in my brain used an even littler digital camera to take the most perfect picture of her that had ever been taken in the history of pictures of people.

The ensuing conversation between us was a very nice one. We exchanged tales of how we came to be and found out little things that we had in common. She shared her poetry with me, which turned out to be really good and I’m not just saying that. It was actually good; it spoke to me for some reason. Yeah, maybe her being breathtakingly gorgeous and smelling like a Bath and Body Works had something to do with it but it was some pretty creative work. The one she was currently working on spoke about some of the tough decisions she had to make during her life and I was able to relate. I don’t know exactly how much time went by but it was beginning to get dark outside so we exchanged numbers and parted ways. I couldn’t help but watch her walk away. I know what you’re thinking but I wasn’t staring at that, although it was very nice, that wasn’t what I was looking at. Unexpectedly, she turned around and caught me looking at her and much to my delight, she smiled. I continued to look on silently as she continued to walk away. I continued looking hoping that I didn’t manage to screw this up somehow. Hoping that one day we would be walking away together.

To be continued…

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